Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jayson Kaiser Assistant Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jayson "Jay" Kaiser, who is listed as the "Assistant to the Head Coach" on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers website was arrested and charged with DUI. Police records show that he refused a breathalyzer and was held on $500 bond.

Assistant to the Head Coach's job duties apparently include doing day-to-day off the field agenda's for coach Raheem Morris, player and staff communications and the football calendar, including the offseason programs, mini-camps and training camp, as well as being his personal Chauffeur. So this means he is the Dwight Schrute to the Michael Scott. Or the Stevie Janowski to the Kenny Powers. Raheem Morris has stated that he was not with Kaiser during the arrest.

Prior to joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers he spent 7 years on the Kansas State Football staff, in 2008 being the teams director of recruiting operations. He becomes the 2nd person on the Buccaneers head coaching staff arrested for DUI this offseason, joining scout Shelton Quarles.

Update: Kaiser was pulled over in his 2006 Hyundai after driving with his headlights off. Police noticed his eyes were bloodshot and glassy, while he smelled like alcohol and slurred his speech. He denied drinking and refused to take any field sobriety tests or take a breathalyzer, so his ass got hauled to jail and his pride and joy 2006 Hyundai got impounded.

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