Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chistian Ballard DL Iowa, Justin Houston DE/OLB Houston

When Justin Houston of Georgia, and Christian Ballard of Iowa tumbled down Gil Brandt's and the National Football Post's big boards, they didn't really give an explanation. Now, it may have came to light.

Jay Glazer reports on twitter that Iowa defensive lineman Christian Ballard and Georgia 4-3 defensive end/3-4 outside linebacker Justin Houston both failed drug tests at the NFL combine for marijuana.

Testing positive at the NFL combine can tell you one thing. These players are just downright stupid. They know they are going to the NFL combine well in advance of the February date, and they know damn well they are going to be drug tested at it. How long marijuana can stay in your system is kind of up in the air, but it can stay in there for as little as two days, to as long as a month depending on your metabolism and other factors. It just means that these guys, for whatever reason, risked testing positive before the biggest job interview they will ever face in their entire lives.

Before this positive test, Justin Houston was regarded as a mid to late first round draft choice, and Christian Ballard has been commonly placed in the second round. It should be known that back in 2009 Justin Houston was suspended 2 games by the Bulldog program for testing positive for marijuana.

Of course this is misinformation season, so take these tests can be taken with a grain of salt. Last year a draft website incorrectly stated that not Packers OLB Clay Matthews and Texans LB Brian Cushing tested positive for PED's. Officials came out and said that the positive test reports were lies, but Cushing tested positive later and was suspended 4 games by the NFL.

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