Saturday, March 12, 2011

Max Bullough LB, Brian Linthicum TE Michigan State

Two Michigan State football players were arrested after a Spring Break altercation in Colorado. Yes. People actually went to Colorado for spring break.

TE Brian Linthicum and LB Max Bullough (above with the muscles) were both arrested and charged after a bar altercation at the Regal Watering Hole. Linthicum, a senior next season, was in the end charged with third-degree assault and eluding an officer, while Bullough, who will be a sophomore next season, was charged with minor in possession of alcohol and eluding an officer. Linthicum got into a fight with another customer at the bar, and when police arrived both of them ran, and Linthicum was on the receiving end of a not so friendly taser via the police.

Linthicum started 5 games last season after transfering from Clemson. He played in every game for Clemson his freshman year and sat out his entire sophomore season due to NCAA rules. Bullough played in 13 games last season and is widely expected to take over the spot left vacant by Greg Jones' graduation. Linthicum is expected to take over for the graduation of Charlie Gantt next season.

Update: Linthicum has settled his legal troubles with his charges of third-degree assault and eluding an officer lowered to a charge of harassment. For this charge he will receive a year of probation, as well as having to complete 40 hours of community service in Colorado, finishing a alcohol awareness class, finishing anger management, and pay court costs. The possible starter was suspended for 2 spring practices for the arrest, and Bullough has court next Tuesday for his charges.

Update: Bullough has settled his legal troubles as well. Bullough plead guilty to minor in possession, and his eluding an officer charge was dropped. He now has to endure 9 months of probation which includes 24 hours of community service, 3 hours of alcohol education, and he has to attend a MADD meeting. 

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