Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stephen Garcia QB South Carolina

Harrison Diamond / Alligator Staff

I know this may be quite shocking to a few of you, so please take a seat to brace you for the news. Gamecocks QB Stephen Garcia has been suspended by head coach Steve Spurrier. This is only the fourth time the starting QB has been suspended in his tenure at USC, so it might come as a surprise to a few of you. Or none of you. Spurrier didn't elaborate on why Garcia was suspended, but it's been rumored that he has been suspended for a few spring practices as punishment for having alcohol and women in his hotel room before the team Chick-Fil-A Bowl. Garcia didn't get the memo that the bowl hadn't changed it's name to the "Chicks-Fil-A-Hotel-Room Bowl"

His first suspension came back in 2007 after he was arrested for public drunkeness and failure to stop on police command. He was involved in an altercation behind a club and when a fully clothed officer approached him he ran and hid in an alley. He turned towards the officer in a threatening manner and  the officer took out his baton, and then Garcia zipped up his pants and fixed his belt. He smelled like alcohol, had troubles standing, and had slurred speech. He was suspended indefinitely. The suspension was lifted a day later, so "a day" is Spurrier's definition of "indefinitely".

His second suspension came a month later in 2007 when he was arrested for malicious injury to personal property after keying the car of a USC professor. He denied any wrong doing, other than the officer walked in on it and after a verbal confrontation offered $500 to fix it. He was suspended indefinitely, again. Indefinitely this time meant all of spring practices, and after lifting the suspension he said that Garcia was on his "last chance" after the spring game. The last 2 arrests are off his record due to a pretrial diversion program.

His third suspension came about a year after his second arrest, in 2008. He was arrested for underage drinking with about 3 other students, when they were found between dorms drinking beer from a cooler with Garcia's 25 year old brother, who was charged with transferring alcohol to minors. This happened at 6:30 PM. 5 hours later police were called to his dorm because a fire alarm was pulled and a fire extinguisher was removed from the wall. The fire extinguisher was sprayed on the 3rd floor, and he claims that he saw sparks coming from his oven, which was obviously a sly lie. He was listed as a "suspect" but no charges were ever brought up for the $100 in damages. He was suspended for 5 months (until August) from team activities. So much for "last chance."

Now his fourth suspension, just a few spring practices, is for bringing alcohol and women into the hotel room a few nights before the teams bowl game. This sounds like someone I'd really, really like to party with. He might have some time on his schedule, if this is again his, "final strike."

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