Monday, March 21, 2011

Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame

One of the nations top WR's, Notre Dame star Michael Floyd, has been arrested for his 3rd alcohol related charge, and has been suspended from the squad indefinitely. This time he was arrested for DUI, and in the last 2 years he has also been charged with two underage drinking violations.

Floyd was pulled over at around 3:18 AM near the campuses entrance. He was initially pulled over for running a stop sign, and then failed three field sobriety tests. He ended up having a BAC of .19 and was officially charged with a misdemeanor, Operating a Motor Vehicle With An Alcohol Concentration of .15 Or More Grams of Alcohol.

Now that he has been suspended indefinitely from the football team, and the fact the NFL Draft advisory gave him a draft projection of a 3rd round selection (which is refuted by many draftniks who feel that he would be the third WR drafted this year following AJ Green and Julio Jones he could be headed for the supplemental draft, aka the draft after the draft. Though there isn't many selections in the supplemental draft, Floyd would certainly get drafted. Unless he's too drunk to answer his phone.

Floyd is Notre Dame's all time leader in touchdowns, even though he has missed 9 games over this first 3 seasons. Last year he had a stat line of 79 receptions, 1,025 yards, 12 TDs


  1. It's his second alcohol arrest get your facts straight before spreading lies!!!

  2. Allow me to educate you:

    "It was Floyd's third run-in with the law over alcohol since 2009."

  3. So much for spreading lies, huh?