Thursday, March 10, 2011

LeRon McClain FB Baltimore Ravens

LeRon McClain, the 2 time Pro Bowl FB for the Baltimore Ravens, has enjoyed a successful career thus far after being a 5th round pick out of Alabama. Now, the obvious next step, is a reality show. The show is called "Beyond the Jersey" and the promo for the show is up above in the Youtube clip. Now my only question is... What the fuck is it about?

To me it's only about partying, watching Alabama football, eating, Ciroc vodka, and slapping womens asses. The video features OLB Terrell Suggs popping bottles, LeRon McClain toasting shots, CB Fabian Washington spitting out champagne on the floor and himself, NT Terrence Cody being fat, and RB Ray Rice talking about drinking Hennessey while brushing his hair. So I guess it has a little something for everyone. Except for people that want to drink there alcohol instead of spit it all over the place. This might not be the show for you.

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