Friday, March 25, 2011

Johnny Jolly DL Green Bay Packers

Earlier this week Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy came out and said that DE Johnny Jolly was "definitely" in the Packers future plans, saying they'd let the process "run it's course".

Well you can toss that idea out the window.

Johnny Jolly has been arrested, yet again, for codeine possession. Only this time, he stepped it up. He was arrested on possessing 200-400 grams of Codeine initially, which led to a year long NFL suspension. He used a pretrial diversion program that stated that if he stayed out of trouble for a year the charges would be dropped.So much for that.

Jolly was pulled over  at around 12:45 AM in Houston by Houston police for a traffic violation. Instead of handing the officers his drivers license he handed them a stated ID card. Why would he do that? Well it turns out his license has been suspended and and is not eligible for renewal. Police searched the vehicle and found 600 grams of codeine, and another substance that has been sent to a lab for testing. Moral of the story -- if you're going to drive illegally without a license, you might as well not have 600 grams of codeine in the car. You'd think that could wait for later.

Jolly is currently no  longer in jail, but he can expect to be there for quite a while. It's possible that there may be no new trial for Jolly due to the restrictions of the pre trial diversion program, which did include random drug testing, and he faces anywhere from 2-20 years on the old charge, with more time possibly added for his new one. The new charge has officially been released as felony possession of codeine with intent to distribute.

This marks the 6th time that Jolly has been on Shot of Ginn. Others are Here. Here. Here. Here. and Here. Anytime you're on here that much, you can probably kiss your career goodbye.

Update: Having bought the files from the Harris County District Court website, it shows that Johnny Jolly is still locked up. The court found that probable cause for further detention existed, and no bail was set. Looks like he might be in it for the long haul

Update: Johnny Jolly has received yet another chance. Harris County has decided to give Jolly a 5-year deferred adjudication, and mandatory treatment according to the GB Press Gazette on Twitter. You have to wonder if this treatment will be better than the treatment that he received for the last arrest -- which clearly didn't work. With that being said the likelihood that he gets reinstated to the NFL is slim after the newest arrest. 

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