Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jimmy Smith CB Colorado

It's often that high draft picks have "character concerns" prior to the draft, whether real or imagined. This year has a couple, Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett, Auburn QB Cam Newton, and Colorado CB Jimmy Smith being the highest ranked prospects with character concerns.

Colorado CB Jimmy Smith addressed some of his off the field concerns at Colorado (unlike Mallett) and admitted that he had a single underage drinking violation while at Colorado. Coming out today from the Denver post -- that's a lie. Smith, who ran a 4.38 40 today at the combine, apparently had one positive drug test back in 2007, and 2 arrests of possession of alcohol as a minor. Smith did admit in an interview that all of his "off field character concerns" came as he said, "Like I said, I went to college and I made some mistakes. But all of them were freshman and sophomore year — actually my redshirt freshman year, so two freshman years". So in a sense, he was right. He tested positive for drugs his redshirt freshman year. However, it doesn't sound like he admitted to that in the interviews.

Some concerns aren't just off the field, some view his drive in the NFL is in a different direction, as Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post says, “think [Smith] might want to be a celebrity more than he wants to be a good NFL cornerback.”

Jamarcus Jolly update: Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has reported on what exactly Jimmy Smith did to gain these character concerns, and they are heavy. Apparently Smith failed 3 drug tests while at Colorado, and he allegedly told a team that one of them was for misusing Codeine, the drug of choice for Johnny Jolly and JaMarcus Russell. Along with that he has allegedly had 2 abortions (Well not hiim... technically) that were paid for by the parents of the pregnant women, an arrest for aggravated assault, and two minor in possession charges.

Some compare Smith to Nnamdi Asomugha, but for now it looks like he may be more like a mix of Antonio Cromartie and Aqib Talib.

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