Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jimmy Clausen QB Carolina Panthers, Golden Tate WR Seattle Seahawks

Golden Tate, a 2nd round pick for the Seattle Seahawks, and Jimmy Clausen, a second round pick for the Carolina Panthers partied at the playboy mansion along with former teammate Kyle Rudloph who is widely viewed as the top TE in this draft.

What the fuck did the two former do to get invited to the playboy mansion? All Golden Tate did this past season was steal some donuts, and all Clausen did was be a complete tool and fail miserably at QB. Tate only had 227 yards this season and zero touchdowns. Clausen started 10 games completed only 52% of his passes to the tune of only 5.2 YPA which is terrible. He threw 3 touchdowns, had 9 interceptions and lost two fumbles, while only winning while only winning one game.

At least he led the Panthers to the #1 overall selection so they can draft a QB to replace his worthless ass.

[Photo from The Smoking Jacket]

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