Friday, March 25, 2011

Jadeveon Clowney DE South Carolina

DE Jadeveon Clowney was the number one recruit in the nation this past offseason, and just like every other number one prospect before him (Seantrell Henderson, Terrell Pryor, Bryce Brown, etc ) he made the media jump through some hoops before signing, which he did with South Carolina.

Now comes news that he was frisked by police, as pictured above, at around 1:00 AM in the Five Points area of Columbia outside of the bar "Salty Nut." He was detained because he fit the description of a robbery suspect who had a gun. The police officers said, allegedly, "we got the wrong person", and let him go because he had nothing on him. Clowney has responded saying, "I didn't do nothing wrong." (Have I mentioned that there are concerns that he won't qualify academically?) He states he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Well no shit, dumbass. Considering it was Thursday night (he's still in high school) and the fact he's 18 years old, maybe at a bar after 2:00 AM is the wrong place to be.

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