Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Curtis Drake WR, Derrick Thomas DB Penn State

Two Penn State footballers, and 2 Penn State basketballers were on the receiving ends of charges brought up from a drunk St. Patties Day brawl. The football players, WR Curtis Drake and DB Derrick Thomas, and the basketball players, Tre Bowman and Taran Buie received disorderly conduct charges.

What might catch your eye is that Curtis Drake and Taran Buie were both involved. Back last July there was an altercation outside of a McDonalds where both were charged with Disorderly Conduct after a fight. An online Penn State website stated that it was just a misunderstanding and the two were friends and just horsing around.

So much for that theory.

They weren't found out until still images of the altercation were spread around by the Penn State police department. They ended up being 4 of the 234 arrested for the drunken festivities of St. Patties Day. All four players charged are under 21 years of age, but no tickets for underage drinking have been brought up, because, well the Penn State police were too slow to find them. Police LT Robb has said that Alcohol is thought to be a factor.

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