Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chad Ochocinco WR Cincinnati Bengals

Chad "Johnson" Ochocinco brazenly brags about his affection for Cuban cigars, and how they "just got here from Cuba" Specifically, he said this:

Did y'all see mediatakeout where they said I had a blunt in my Lambo,well I'm smoking one again!! You big dummies, freshly rolled mini Cuban cigars just got here from Cuba! (try again) 

HERE is the MediaTakeout story. Which is stupid. Just like that site.  Even more stupid is him trying to prove the fact that the cigar wasn't a blunt, but it was a Cuban cigar. I guess he forgot Cuban cigars are illegal in the US just like any other Cuban merchandise. From the fines for Cuban cigars are as follows:

The penalties for illegally importing, buying, selling, trading, giving away or otherwise engaging transactions involving illegally imported Cuban cigars can be very stiff.  The cigars can (and likely will) be confiscated.  You also may face civil fines of up to $50,000.  In some cases you could even face a criminal trial that could result in jail time.

Now they probably aren't Cuban cigars, and he's probably just tooting his own horn like he usually does, but if they were it wouldn't be the brightest thing.

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