Thursday, March 10, 2011

Brandon Meriweather S New England Patriots

New England Patriots S Brandon Meriweather is in a shit ton of trouble after allegedly gunning down two people in a brawl last Sunday... Allegedly.

It apparently started when Meriweather's friend allegedly beat up some girl, which pissed off the brother of said girl. Said brother got a friend and went to a party where Meriweather and his friend were at, and beat the shit out of Meriweather's friend. Then Meriweather allegedly pulled out a gun and shot at the two, skimming one mans cheek and hitting another one in the head.

... Allegedly.

The two men apparently went to high school in Apopka with Meriweather. This was first mentioned by former Miami Hurricane and Tampa Bay Buc Dan Sileo, and later broadened by Deadspin.

Update: Brandon Meriweather's guardian, obviously, says that there is "no truth to the rumors"  and the lawyer for the two that were shot has "a lot of doubt whether Meriweather pulled the trigger". Well this is shaping up for a good case for the victims! The lawyer may also bring a defamation suit upon himself for bringing out the allegations initially. Way to go turd. Go back to law school.


  1. A family affair!

  2. At least this time he shot at some one he hit someone, guess he's been practicing since 2006!