Friday, March 25, 2011

Barret Robbins C Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders center Barret Robbins' career started out looking bright. He came into the league as a 2nd round selection out of TCU, and in 1996 he was entered into the starting lineup. In 2002 he was named to his first Pro Bowl, and was named a first team All-Pro. In 2002, the Raiders won the AFC for the third straight year, and walked into the Super Bowl easily after beating the Tennessee Titans.

Then started the disastrous end to his career, and livelihood. He disappeared from the team the day before the Super Bowl, and when he returned he wasn't coherent and he was left off of the roster for Super Bowl XXXVII, which they lost to their former coach Jon Gruden and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He spent time at the Betty Ford Center and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, after already being diagnosed with depression. Robbin's allegedly went binge drinking in Tijuana thinking that they had already won the game.

The next year, 2003, he regained his starting job but was listed as someone who received steroids from BALCO along with some of his teammates (Bill Romanowski, Dana Stubblefield, Tyrone Wheatley, Chris Hetherington, and Chris Cooper). He was released before the 2004 season after testing positive to steroids.

A few months after his release, all hell broke loose.While responding to a burglary call, police found Robbins in a womens bathroom and then he went batshit insane on them. He allegedly beat one of them to the floor and slammed 2 other police officers heads into a wall. The three cops were allegedly fighting for their lives while Robbins fought for their guns, and then he was shot in the torso two times. He was reportedly heard laughing and snarling through the confrontation, and after he was shot he fell to his knees, grabbed his chest, snarled, and slapped the gun out of the officers hand. He ultimately was charged with 3 counts of attempted murder.

Then while on bail, he was arrested for marijuana possession when police smelled marijuana in his car and saw a pipe in the center counsel. From then the prosecutors wanted his bail revoked.

He plead guilty to five charges ultimately, including attempted murder, and was sentenced to 5 years probation. Which he has now broke. Robbins will now spend the next 1.5 years in jail for getting arrested for cocaine possession in Texas. He was sentenced to 5 years, but has credit for time already served.

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