Saturday, February 5, 2011

Phil Simms QB Ex-New York Giants

 (looks similar to how Desmond Howard would Heisman Phil Simms in a fight)

2 time Pro Bowler and 2 time Super Bowl champ Phil Simms allegedly got into it with 1 time Pro Bowler and 1 time Super Bowl champ Desmond Howard at the NFL Experience. How it got started is when Howard told Simms that his son (Matt) was one of the worst quarterbacks in the SEC. Matt Simms was benched this season at Tennessee for a true freshman, so he probably wasn't too far off in his assessment. Then Phil said that he wanted to throw down with Howard, but everyone thought he was kidding until he kept enticing him to fight. Then Howard said "LET'S GO" as he stated on twitter. Police later came to separate the two so that Howard could continue his fan meet and greet.

Desmond Howard is currently 40 years old, and stood 5'10 and 188 pounds during his playing career. Phil Simms is currently 55 years old, and during his playing career he staggered well over Howard by standing 6'3 216 pounds.

However, Howard could have planned this a little bit better. Obviously Matt is his only son that has a chance to relive his fathers playing prowess, though after getting benched it's not looking to good. If he had to pick on a son, at least pick on Chris Simms. I know plenty of "your son got arrested for driving high", "your son couldn't even beat out racist ass Kerry Collins"  and "your son doesn't have a spleen" jokes that I can lend him. At that point it'd be like telling Archie Manning that Eli Manning sucked at football. He wouldn't get mad, just would kind of hang his head in disappointment.

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