Saturday, February 12, 2011

Michael Bush RB Oakland Raiders

When you're about to become a free agent, the last thing you want to do is get arrested. Indianapolis Colts RB Dominic Rhodes was set to become a free agent, got arrested for DUI and pissed himself in the cop car and then he had to sign with the Oakland Raiders. Now Oakland Raiders RB Michael Bush got finds himself in a similar situation, get arrested prior to free agency and then most likely have to sign with the Raiders. Bush was arrested at around 4:30 AM following an arrested for driving while intoxicated. No other details have since been released following the arrest.

Michael Bush had an amazing Junior season at Louisville, amassing 1,143 yards on the ground and 23 touchdowns, and was widely viewed as a top talent for the NFL Draft. He played like it as well his Senior season, his first carry was a 48 yards touchdown in a rivalry game against Kentucky, and then he suffered an injury that would make his draft stock plummet. He suffered a broken right tibia, and it was announced before the game was over that his season was done. He had to have a steel rod inserted into his leg to help the healing process. He dropped all the way to the 4th round pick 100 to the Oakland Raiders, and in 3 seasons he has rushed for 1,665 yards and 14 touchdowns and is an integral part to the rushing attack which features Darren McFadden.

Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis has said that he wants Bush to return and that he is a huge part of their offense. Now he'll get him back at a presumed discount. Except for the fact that Al Davis is paying him. He's probably looking at a Albert Haynesworth type contract at this point.

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