Sunday, February 27, 2011

Luke Driscoll Scout St. Louis Rams

11th year St. Louis Rams Scout Luke Driscoll was arrested Friday in Indianapolis. The 33-year-old coach got tired of playing with a stopwatch at the combine everyday so he got obliterated and pee'd on a building. Driscoll was arrested for public intoxication and public nudity. To make matters worse, reports indicate that Driscoll whipped out his junk and exposed it to a female officer. No word whether he asked her if he impressed her with his combine immediately after. This might explain why the Rams are so terrible. Good scouting buddy! The Rams are investigating the situation while Driscoll continues to scout at the Combine.

 Update: Luke Driscoll had his charged of public intoxication dropped, while keeping the charge of public nudity. I'm sure the scouting the next day at the Combine just went swell, leaning over every prospect getting there hopes up and proclaiming how much you love them and you should hang out sometime, and you're "Totally going to draft them." Way to go turds, crushing dreams one shot at a time.


  1. He was focusing on statistics...unfortunately they were his own, and he was reciting them to a police lady