Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jimmy Burge DL Mizzou

Mizzou DL Jimmy Burge, who was arrested for drinking intoxicants while operating a motor vehicle back in October, has found himself in trouble with the law yet again. This time, Burge was arrested for misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance 2 weeks ago. Police pulled over Burge and noticed a cloud of marijuana smoke leaving his pickup truck. Smelling the marijuana is enough probable cause to search the vehicle and a K-9 unit and the dog found a small arsenal and enough drugs to keep him high for hours. Specifically, they found 3 grams of marijuana, blast pipes, a grinder, rolling papers, and a shotgun. Last season he was suspended for 2 games for his arrest in which he was under the legal limit, and he ended up starting 6 games and playing in 11 games -- recording 16 tackles.

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