Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hines Ward WR Pittsburgh Steelers

While Jermichael Finley, Nick Barnett and the Green Bay Packers are worried about getting into a picture, the Pittsburgh Steelers got there mind in the right place during Super Bowl week. Nope, they're not focused on planning for the game, or answering rape questions during Media Day. No, they are more focused on meeting the hood rat strippers that Dallas has to offer, and throwing piles of singles on them. According to the Dallas Morning News, Hines Ward, Ike Taylor, and a group of other Steelers sampled some of the fine adult entertainment in the Dallas area. Ward allegedly danced with the strippers and threw out singles while receiving lap dances after the Steelers spent time in the VIP area. Then a group of Pittsburgh Steelers including offensive lineman posed with the Strippers and since it was "Make It Rain Monday" at the club, they in fact, made it rain. Now -- There is supposed pictures of these Steelers players posing with the strippers, and if anyone finds them they need be sent to me immediately.

Update: Hines Ward was asked about the strip club during Media Day today, and he stated with a laugh:

"I wasn't [at the strip club], It's none of your business where I went"

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