Saturday, February 12, 2011

Brandon Banks WR/RS Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins wide receiver and return specialist Brandon Banks took to his now deleted twitter and stated that "park gonna b to much for me tonight". He said that around 1 AM, and by 3 AM he wasn't having any fun anymore, in fact, him and his companion were on the way to the hospital with stab wounds.

Banks, who stands just 5'7 and 151 pounds, was partying at, "The Park", and upscale nightclub in DC. He was outside with a companion who wasn't a part of the Washington Redskins when an argument broke out with another person. When the fight escalated, the suspect who has since been arrested pulled out a knife and attacked Banks and his friend. The suspect, I'm told, is not Ray Lewis.  Banks' friend was listed in critical condition as of last night, while Banks was listed in Stable condition with "superficial stab wounds". He has since been released from the hospital following some stitches.

Banks, undrafted out of Kansas State, was before seen drinking on Shot of Ginn in January of 2009, and posted again for an arrest for unlawful possession of a stimulant.

Update: Banks is not out of the hospital yet, in fact, it's much worse than previously thought. The knife knicked his lungs, and a tube had to be put in to prevent his lung from collapsing. After healing and possible surgery he should be fine to work out again in a few weeks.

Now for even worse news for Banks, he's not quite out of the picture legally either. Sources are saying that he may have been the aggressor of the attack. Apparently Banks started insulting the knife wielder because of what he was wearing, an apparent all white outfit. Banks on the other hand, apparently wasn't allowed in the club because he was properly dressed. The stabber pulled out a knife in self defense because he thought he could have been killed by punches due to a plate in his face following a football accident in college. During the altercation a bouncer tried to split up the 3 people (Banks, friend, and knife wielder) and knife wielder reached over the bouncer to stab Banks and friend, and then repeatedly stabbed them. Cell phone video allegedly shows Banks throwing the first punch, however some douche nugget decided it wasn't going to work anymore so I can't see it.

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