Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bob Kuechenberg OG Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins Pro Bowl guard Bob Kuechenberg was once an NFL reject. He was drafted in the 4th round out of Notre Dame, but quit football during camp after being cut and signed by the Falcons and cut again. He then played a season of semi-pro ball with the Chicago Owls. Then he came back to the NFL signing with the Miami Dolphins, won a starting job that year, and the rest is history. His play was recognized as he 3 All Pro teams, went to 6 Pro Bowls, and won 2 Super Bowls including the year the Dolphins went undefeated. For his play, he has been named as a Pro Football Hall of Fame finalist every year since 2002.

Then there are his off field problems. Saturday night Kuechenberg was arrested for his 3rd DUI offense, even though his last one was all the way back in 1995. Ultimately, he was charged with one count of DUI second offense, DUI property damage and improper passing or lane change.

The arrest occurred around 9:30 PM when Kuechenberg's white 2002 Volvo swerved into the center lane and hit another vehicle. The driver of that vehicle had to follow Kuechenberg and flash his lights to let him know that he had hit another car. The report stated that Kuechenberg had very bloodshot, watery, glassy eyes and very red, flushed face. Kuechen -- we're just going to call him Bob, okay? okay. Bob agreed to take field sobriety tests, but lost his balance several times, he was arrested and a preliminary breath test showed his BAC to be .122 and .127.

Bob was arrested for DUI in 1993, which was reduced to reckless driving, and again in 1994 when he hit 3 cars at a stoplight. 

I guess that's life in Perfectville.

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