Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Albert Haynesworth DT Washington Redskins

Albert Haynesworth is currently on the Washington Redskins, but don't expect that to last much longer. Just days after he was formally charged with assault in a road rage incident where he allegedly punched another motorist who he was tailgating, he is under investigation for another charge. This time it's assault of the sexual nature.

Apparently Haynesworth was enjoying some fine dining and some fine waitresses. He had thoroughly demolished probably a 200 oz. steak, and now was ready to pay -- and experience what the waitresses had to offer. The waitress had her hands full at 1:30 AM when Haynesworth was ready to pay with his credit card. He offered to place it in the pocket of her blouse, and she nodded. He gently placed the card in the pocket and then proceeded to caress her breast. She didn't file the police report until 4 hours later.

While this charge may or may not be true, one things for sure: NFL players don't have any game. Sending dick pics, taking drunk girls to bathroom stalls with your junk out, and now this? Maybe the pocket was full and he was trying to find a place to leave the tip. More to come on this investigation.

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