Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Will Hill S Florida

This has been making the rounds lately, and it's well worth another look at. Starting at Every Day Should Be Saturday, they document the very open, very descriptive, and very public tweets of former Florida Safety Will Hill, who had optioned to join the NFL Draft. Now NFL GM's and Coaches who will be paying his salaries and hoping that he doesn't fuck up in the NFL have all of this to read, and he has all of it to explain, the images, again from EDSBS and Will Hill's now deleted twitter below.

I had to UrbanDictionary what "sour" was and the top definition was "strongest type of weed" of course, I'm sure he wasn't paying attention to the road, but at least he wasn't rolling a J in the bathroom like now former teammate Janoris Jenkins.

Most of the tweets are about getting blow jobs, which probably is his favorite activity. It's also another reminder of how easy it must be to get women if you are a NCAA D1 Starter at a major conference. I bet there's some guys in Florida that spend hours and hours trying to get one woman, say one word and then she's off with someone like Will Hill in a second. You don't need game to get women if you're like that. Look at Brett Favre. All he has to do is send a simple text and BAM, women are at his door. Or sending them to Deadspin to help destroy his reputation.

I reccomend you head over to EDSBS to check out the rest, including the profile picture on his now gone twitter which is up above. You can read awesome tweets like this:

Of Course It Was Update: Will Hill has stated that his twitter account was hacked, and the tweets from his obviously ridiculously awesome life were sadly not him and he's heartbroken. Of course it was. It wasn't your stupidity and the fact that you didn't realize that everyone could see it.

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