Friday, January 28, 2011

Steve DeBerg QB Ex-Kansas City Chiefs

Steve DeBerg led a long career as a NFL journeyman. He played from 1977-1993, and made a brief comeback in 1998 with the Atlanta Falcons. Along with the Falcons, he played with San Francisco 49er's, Denver Bronco's, Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Kansas City Chiefs. What he might be most known for in the NFL community is being replaced by future Hall of Famers. He was succeeded by Joe Montana with the 49er's, John Elway when he left the Broncos, Steve Young when he was done with the Buccaneers, and Dan Marino when he left the Dolphins. While he was never a superstar, he showed flashes of brilliance and finished his career with a TD:INT ratio of 196:204. 

Of course, none of that is why the former 10th round pick from San Jose State is in the news -- nope it's the fact that he's into really creepy porn and is possibly a racist. While an Arena Football League coach of the Tampa Bay Storm Tim Marcum got arrested for DUI and Insurance Fraud claims (not actually charged on the fraud) it could have been a run of the mill arrest for DUI that you see oh so often these days in the football world. That, obviously, is not the case. An investigation into Marcum's work computer showed that he had received racist e-mails and hard core pornography.

Apparently one video was showed to Marcum during a deposition, and he sat there calmly as he saw the video that I'm sure he must have seen before because it would have disgusted many men at the site. Unless you're into that kind of stuff. The video showed "unnatural" sex acts with 2 women, a fish, and a funnel. I'm sure you can use your imagination. There was also videos of women having sex with horses, and other objects. Then, he stated that former NFL QB DeBerg was one who supplied him with materials, and that he "never told [DeBerg] to stop sending them].

Of course Marcum sees nothing wrong with the material, as he didn't share it with anyone and even though he was on the clock while viewing the e-mails, he says "boys will be boys" which is loosely translated to "girls will fuck fish". DeBerg, of course, wasn't available for comment. His last known whereabouts were deep sea fishing on a boat filled with prostitutes in the Pacific Ocean. The vessel, not to be outdone by the Minnesota Vikings, was named "Fish Sex Boat".

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