Monday, January 24, 2011

Roy Williams S Cincinnati Bengals

Roy Williams, the former Cowboys Pro Bowl safety and current Bengals shitty safety, admitted to using a product called "the Ultimate Spray" which was endorsed by former Bengals assistant Hue Jackson who now is the head coach of the Oakland Raiders. The Spray, according the PFT, contains IGF-1 which is a byproduct of HGH. He stated, “I use the spray all the time, Two to three times a day. My body felt good after using it. I did feel a difference.” Now, I guess that's where the NFL is at now. Roy Williams has never tested positive for any substance, but now that he openly admitted that he has used a product containing a banned substance in the NFL will anything be done about it?  Likely not.

The Bengals and Roy Williams aren't the only one to get a hold of the product. SWATS owner Mitch Ross, who produces "the Ultimate Spray" said this: “In April of '08 I gave various alternatives to steroids, including spray, to Hue Jackson at the Ravens’ training camp, I also gave the spray to Jay Hayes of the Bengals and Anthony Lynn of the Jets. I want to prove that my protocol reverses the aging process on aging athletes and promotes the healing of injuries in a legal manner.”

The other rumored user of the product is Ravens All-Pro LB and future Hall of Famer Ray Lewis

For the full Yahoo! Sports report on the product, including how the Deer Antler extract can help athlete performance and sexual performance, read HERE.

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