Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Shot of Ginn!

Yes, the rumors are true. Today is the 2nd Birthday of Shot of Ginn, your girlfriends favorite drunk football player website. There's been good times, there's been bad times. Laughs were shared, tears were shed, but in general it's all just been good drunk fun.

Through the 2 years, we've amassed 768 posts. Things have picked up recently, and I can tell through the angry and funny mail I get from people. It all started with a coach calling me an asshole and telling me my funds were going to be locked up in court. After that I've gotten e-mails from a players dad hoping to take down a post to help his sons draft status, a player who worked with kids and didn't want his students to see him partying, and a funny tweet from a girl saying the site was awesome except for the picture of her boyfriend taking shots of Patron.

Now we can take a look back at 2 years worth of damage, looking at the top posts:

The Drunkest Positions:
Drunk WR: 134
Drunk LB: 116
Drunk DL: 114
Drunk RB: 100
Drunk QB: 99

The Drunkest NFL Teams:
Green Bay Packers: 37
New Orleans Saints: 35
Dallas Cowboys: 31
Washington Redskins: 31
Minnesota Vikings: 28

The Drunkest NCAA Teams:
 USC: 23 
Penn State: 15
The U: 14
Florida Gators: 12
Ohio State: 12 

Other Drug Numbers:
Cocaines a Helluva Drug: 14
Smoking the Reefer: 93
Floatin' on Extact: 1
Painkillers: 7

Why Are These Tags?:

Dick Picks?: 1
Douche McGouche: 2
rape?: 3
Put Some Clothes on Naked Man: 1
Ruh Roh: 1
Strippers?: 1
that's racist: 1
This guy is FUCKED: 1

Times have been great, and thank you for all of your continuing support. Here's to many more years to come. 

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