Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dan Marino QB Miami Dolphins

The question of the day: Did Miami Dolphins Hall of Fame QB Dan Marino smoke marijuana prior to playing games? If you ask former NFL offensive lineman Kyle Turley, the answer is yes. He claims that Marino sparking up a few J's before game has become a common locker room lore. His exact quotes from Broward Palm Beach, on the Dan LaBatard show:

"I heard Dan Marino did, down there in Miami. That's a rumor, but I don't know. You'd have to ask Danny. All those old pictures of him and his old hair, I wouldn't pass it by him. It's locker room talk,I've heard a few things. I was going to do it one time in my prime, but definitely not when I wasn't in my prime. It never happened. I was facing too many guys I needed to take care of, so I wanted to be at my best. Not that I wouldn't have been at my best. I've actually heard from guys that it actually slows things down so you can see things a little better and that's where the whole Marino thing came from. And I don't know if it's true or not, but it's something I heard that that was something that he was able to get relaxed before the games and not be too edgy and calm and collected and be able to see things more clearly on the field."

 Of course, Turley was bragging about his drinking abilities saying that he draft Whiskey straight from the bottle and smoked medicinal marijuana during the interview as well. Himself, he said that he never smoked prior to games but did smoke during his NFL career. He didn't stop there, he claims some of his coaches drank shots of Jack Daniels and took bumps of coke prior to games. The next question: If the claims are true, would he have won a Super Bowl had he not smoked weed before games?

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