Monday, January 10, 2011

Brandon Lloyd WR Denver Broncos

There is no doubt about it. Brandon Lloyd (center) sucked. I mean, not just sucked he was shit awful. He has bounced around the league since 2003 when he was a 4th round choice out of Illinois. Just that he lasted this long is something of an accomplishment. He never had more than 733 yards (2005 with the San Francisco 49er's) or 6 touchdowns (2004 San Francisco 49er's). Then out of no where, Brandon Lloyd decided it was time for him to lead the league in rushing, despite starting 11 of 16 games and playing for the fucking Denver Broncos. Not only that -- he did it on just 77 receptions. The 2nd leading receiver, Atlanta Falcon's Roddy White, had 38 more receptions, and 59 less receiving yards. Now he came out and has one thing to say to the San Francisco 49er's, Chicago Bears, and Washington Redskins -- his former teams:

"Fuck You"

Eloquently put Lloyd. Just so everyone knows, Llord was a "speech communication" major at Illinois. Glad that major went to GREAT use. 

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