Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sergio Kindle LB Baltimore Ravens

Rookie 2nd round pick Sergio Kindle out of Texas missed the entire season due to an episode of narcolepsy that led to him falling down a flight of stairs and fracturing his skull before he even signed a rookie contract. Now he has another off the field incident to deal with as he was arrested for DUI shortly after 4 AM this morning. Apparently Kindle had a few too many Eggnogs before jumping behind the wheel of his vehicle and driving a friend to the airport. Kindle was also charged with speeding and failure to obey traffic control devices. When asked about how much he drank, he responded: "It wasn't much, but I guess it was enough. I guess it was enough for me to fail a Breathalyzer. It was over the limit." His next season is already in question due to his head trauma injury, but this might hurt him in coming back a little more. Since he got hurt before signing his contract, he was signed to just a 1 year $320,000 contract with no incentives and no bonus, he might not be a Raven next year despite the fact that he was a second round selection.

Update: He claimed he didn't drink "much" but he drank enough to be over twice the legal limit, registering a .18.

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