Friday, December 10, 2010

Brandon Spikes LB Florida

Patriots ILB Brandon Spikes started off the suspension today with a 4 game suspension for violating the leagues policy on performance enhancing drugs. It's not known if he tested positive for it, or if he was caught doing it over a webcam. He released a statement, saying:

"The substance was a medication that I should have gotten clarification on before taking, It was not a performance enhancer or an illegal drug. The integrity of the game is very important to me. I understand the league's ruling and apologize to my teammates, the fans and the Patriots organization for this mistake."

Yeah. I'm sure that's what happened.  Patriots have never been known as cheaters before. With Spikes out until the end of the regular season, the Patriots will start former Georgia Tech LB Gary Guyton, who started for the team last year and comes in on passing downs replacing Spikes. The Patriots have signed former Atlanta Falcon's third round pick Chevis Jackson as a roster spot replacement.

Update: The results are in, and the substance Brandon Spikes tested positive for was Adderall in ADHD medicine.  He will not appeal the suspension.

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