Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Todd Herremans OL Philadelphia Eagles

In a time where the league is so worried about protecting offensive players, the league has stepped up and fined a player that was attempting to hurt a defensive players. New York Giants DL Chris Canty claims there were 2 occasions during the Eagles/Giants that Philadelphia Eagles OL Todd Herremans went low down by his knees. The first cheap shot was when Herremans went at the back of Canty's knees. The second was when Canty was engaged and Herremans went low at Canty's knees. Canty had this to say:

“Two of them. Same guy. That kind of behavior, it’s either taught or it’s allowed, Either way, it has no place in our game. In a league where we’re trying to crack down on defenseless players and things of that nature, that can’t be allowed, You’re talking about defensive players taking shots on quarterbacks and wide receivers, well the league has to protect defensive players as well.

Canty and Herremans were both members of the 2005 draft, and were both picked 6 picks away from each other in the 4th round. Herremans on pick #126, and Canty on pick #132. Herremans was fined $5000 for the play, and has since defended his blocks, and said that he's disappointed that Canty called him a dirty player. 

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