Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sabby Piscitelli S Tampa Bay Buccaneers

During the offseason, Sabby Piscitelli (right) went out and said he wasn't given a fair chance to get a starting job after the team signed safety Sean Jones. Now, there starter and 7th round selection Cody Grimm, son of Cardinals coach Russ Grimm, got injured. You would figure that the former 2nd round pick Piscitelli would be given another chance at the starting gig which he held down for 15 games in 2009. Wrong.

After playing in all 11 games this season the Buccaneers cut their losses with the former high draft pick Piscitelli, opting instead to sign safety Larry Asante off the practice squad of the Cleveland Browns. Its a steep decline in for the guy who the Buccaneers though high enough to draft #64 overall in the 2007 draft. Though to their credit, there was only 3 players drafted after him that have made a Pro Bowl Leron McClain, Nick Folk, and Zach DeOssie.

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