Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Reggie Rogers DL Ex-Detroit Lions

Reggie Rogers was formerly the #7 overall selection in the 1987 draft. Earlier this month, November 5th he was arrested for his 6th DUI. Rogers who played in only 6 games his rookie season do to emotional problems that landed him in counseling centers now has 3 times the amount of DUI's than he had career sacks.

In his sophomore season with the Detroit Lions, his season was cut short at 5 games because of an injury -- and manslaughter. Rogers ran a red light at nearly 60 miles and hour and broadsided a car full of teenagers, killing three in a brutal manner as described by one of their fathers just recently after the latest DUI arrest. In the accident, Rogers had broken his neck and spent time in the hospital where he married his fiance who was pregnant with his twins. The broken neck was used as an excuse to cut Rogers instead of the crime. A warrant was put out for his arrest with 3 charges of vehicular manslaughter and was convicted with negligent homicide and he was sentenced to 13 months in jail.

His first DUI occurred while he was at the University of Washington. In 2008, his 5th DUI occurred in November of 2008 when he struck a car on the interstate and kept driving. When police stopped him finally he screamed profanities at them. He refused to give a breathlayzer and told a police officer that he wanted to "hug and kiss him". He then stated, "I want to go to jail. Can I go to jail?" before passing out the rest of the ride to the station. At the station he swayed and needed assistance because he kept hitting the walls. He was sentenced to 24 months in jail after pleading with the judge to let him stay out so he could help kids in June of 2009. He was also sentenced to 240 days of house arrest.

Clearly he got out for "good behavior" because it hasn't quite been 2 years since he was sentenced. The first thing he probably did was go to the nearest bar, get smashed, get in his car and drive. The only way to get this guy off the road is to lock him up for a long time. Which they probably should have done after he killed three teenagers.

Rogers is also the brother of former Cleveland Brown Don Rogers who died from a cocaine induced heart attack. He died the day before his wedding, and just 8 days after basketball player Len Bias died of cocaine overdose. He was also a first round pick, but from UCLA.

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  1. Lock this guy up for good, its the only way to keep the streets safe. Fucking scum!!