Monday, November 15, 2010

Raheem Brock DL Seattle Seahawks

On Saturday morning, the day before the Seattle Seahawks played and defeated the Arizona Cardinals to help there chances of winning the NFC West, there defensive lineman Raheem Brock was arrested for DUI. Brock was arrested at 3AM and other than that, no other details have been released. Brock was drafted in 2002 by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 7th round, but never signed because the team ran out of money to sign there rookie, then he enjoyed playing for the Indianapolis Colts from 2002 until 2009 winning a championship with the team. He has 31.5 career sacks, 3 of them coming this year with the Seahawks.

Oh that's why he played Edit: Raheem Brock didn't tell coaches about his DUI arrest until following the win over the Arizona Cardinals. The current CBA prohibits coaches from disciplining players for off the field conduct, but generally, as seen with Broncos LB DJ Williams, it doesn't really matter and violation of that is not enforced.

Update: The police report has finally come out following this arrest, and Raheem Brock has apparently been around the block once or twice. Or three times. Or more.

From The Philly Post:

Meanwhile, Officer Startup was kind enough to send me the original arrest documents, which indicate that Brock was pulled over at 2:35 a.m. after an officer observed his vehicle fishtailing and traveling at 90 mph on the interstate. Brock, who was alone in the vehicle, refused the field sobriety test and scored a .115 and .111 on the breathalyzer, with the legal limit in Washington being .08.

But the really interesting part of the report is buried a few pages in. According to the report, after being read his rights, Brock asked the police, “You guys don’t take care of your athletes out here?” The police asked Brock to explain what he meant. His response? “Every time I have been stopped out east, Chicago, New Jersey and Philadelphia,” replied Brock, “the cops either followed me home or gave me a ride.”

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  1. Why the fuck would he not tell them he got a DUI? It's not like an NFL player can hide that stuff...