Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jeff Reed K Pittsburgh Steelers

Everyones favorite drunk kicker Jeff Reed has been cut from the Pittsburgh Steelers following a 15 for 22 run on the year including a 26 yard field goal that even Ndamukong Suh and Chad Ochocinco could kick. Following last Sundays loss to the New England Patriots, where Reed was 1/2 with a long of 22 yards. Following the game, he blamed a lot of things and got a couple issues off his chest all while wearing a t-shirt that stated, "Haters Hate". While stating that he doesn't make excuses, he rips into the turf at the field saying that anyone who has played sports knows that the stuff they play on is not good. All while saying that he's not making excuses over and over.  Later he rips into fans who he believes just purchase tickets to bash him, and rips into the media that question him.

  A career 82% accuracy kicker, he is kicking only 68.2% this year. He has officially been cut for Shaun Suisham who has made 4 team changes and offers only a 79% kicking accuracy. Haters while Hate I suppose. With any luck he can take his talents to South Beach or another place with a better party scene than Pittsburgh.


  1. Funny shit. Who would want to keep around this to quote Peyton Manning "Drunk Idiot" Kicker. I'm glad they cut his dumb ass.

  2. Public Intoxications and Beating up Towel Dispensors?

    And THEN they franchise him?

    Stillers are fucking worthless.