Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Franshaw "Boo" Jackson QB Ohio U

Redshirt senior Boo Jackson, Ohio Universities starting QB, was pummeled outside of a bar after trying to break up a fight that started with a large group of his teammates. It all started when a group of about 20-30 Ohio U football players tried to bum rush a door at a bar, in order to get some underage individuals into the bar. Apparently one of the people trying to get an underager in was Will, Boo's brother. The bouncer and Will went outside, and by the time Boo went outside Will was already on the ground after being hit. Boo tried to break up the fight, and then a bartender took that as an attack and Boo got dropped. By the time other players got there Boo was already unconscious. After the bartender was released by the police to finish his shift, more football players came there looking for him and waiting for him to leave. Ohio Bobcats head coach Frank Solich was informed of this, and went to the bar and dispersed the members of his football team.

Jackson has a fracture by his eyebrows, and its allegedly similar to the injury that Anquan Boldin got after getting hit by Jets S Eric Smith.

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