Monday, November 15, 2010

Evan Frierson LB Illinois

Evan Frierson, a redshirt sophomore LB for the Fighting Illini, was arrested for aggravated battery early Sunday morning, and was subsequently suspended indefinitely by head coach Ron Zook. Frierson, who started 5 games as a redshirt freshman, was outside of local bars in downtown Champaign when a man jumped in front of his car. Frierson asked the man to leave, which prompted him to spit on Frierson, and then the proverbial shit hit the fan. Frierson then punched the man, apparently in plain view of police officers, and was arrested.

He Gone Update: Frierson has been given the proverbial boot from the foot of head coach Ron Zook following his aggravated battery arrest.

Another Update: Frierson was officially charged with felony aggravated battery with the intent to cause great bodily harm. He has plead not guilty for his drunken rampage.


  1. Why don't they wait for the legal process to work out? oh I know, he was just a 2 star recruit. 5 star and they'd wait and wait and then still not suspend him if he actually did it.