Monday, November 29, 2010

Cortland Finnegan CB Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan is widely known as one of the dirtest players in the NFL. In fact, he's almost proud of that honor. Saying its a compliment, in regards to Hines Ward being voted #1, he said:

It’s a compliment, that’s absolutely a compliment, He was voted the league’s dirtiest player, so you’ve got to give it up for him. For someone to say something as nice as that, I appreciate it. I’m number [six] right now, but I’m aspiring to one day hopefully be No. 1. So, I appreciate it.

 So now he actually got what he had coming. Throwing high blocks and instigating Houston Texans WR Andre Johnson, he got his shit rocked. Cortland Finnegan stands 5 foot 10 inches and 188 pounds, and Andre Johnson 6 foot 3 inches and weighs 225 pounds. Johnson ripped off Finnegan's helmet before Finnegan ripped off his and was thrown to the ground and punched twice by Johnson. Finnegan got up laughing pretending like he didn't just get his ass whooped. Maybe he should have fought someone his own size, a kicker would do. Oh wait, Texans kicker Neil Rackers is even bigger than Finnegan. Neither Finnegan or Johnson were suspended for the brawl, but both got the Richard Seymour treatment and were fined $25,000. Video of the brawl below.

Update: Of course Cortland Finnegan thinks that Andre Johnson should be suspended, saying this:

As a respect issue, when your helmet comes off, the play is over, Did I want it to escalate into that? Absolutely not. At a point he snapped and he started throwing blows. The only thing that upsets me . . . is if you reverse that and it’s me I have a game suspension. He got my helmet off and I got his. To me, that is the end of the play, This is the NFL, not the NHL, and it is a higher standard. That’s the NHL, they fight and they get penalties for that. In the NFL that is unheard of. You do that and you are suspended, hands down. That is what I have been taught, that is what everyone knows.”

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