Friday, November 26, 2010

Chad Greenway LB Minnesota Vikings

Chad Greenway becomes a free agent after this season, and they better hope they resign him or they might actually be shittier than they are this year. In 2008 he led the team in tackles, as well as having 5.5 sacks, and last year he accumulated 99 total tackles, and no sacks -- but 3 interceptions (maybe he would have had more if he had played AGAINST Brett Favre). This year, he's accumulated 99 total tackles already, but only one sack and no interceptions. Its similar to the down year basically the rest of the Minnesota Vikings have had.

After being a first round pick (#17) in 2006 out of Iowa, he tore his ACL his rookie season but has started every game but one since then, even when he is clearly hungover from tailgating with his alumni.


  1. He looks drunk as fuck!!!

  2. This guy is garbage, he better not bitch about the franchise tag it's more than he should make in his entire career.