Thursday, November 4, 2010

Barry Cofield DT New York Giants

Here is New York Giants DL Barry Cofield, a former 4th round pick out of Northwestern in 2006, drinking during a Bahamas cruise. Listed as the starting DT next to free agent signee Chris Canty, he is having the best start he has ever had in his career. He has 3 sacks through the first 7 games on the Giants who are known for knocking out quarterbacks, having hurt 5 this season (Todd Collins [stinger], Jay Cutler [concussion], Shaun Hill [broken forearm], Tony Romo [broken clavicle] and Matt Moore [concussion]). Cofield for a season has never gotten more than three, which was the year after they won the Super Bowl over the New England Patriots. Next the Giants face first time starter Charlie Whitehurst who comes in for a concussed Matt Hasselback. Who knows how long he is going to last out there.

[Picture from DrunkAthlete]

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  1. Couldn't find a better defensive lineman on the Giants to post?