Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Robert Aurich LB UMD

Stepping back a division in football comes the story of the Captain of the University of Minnesota-Duluth's football team, and his drunken antics. Robert Aurich, a senior Division II All-American has been stripped of his captain patch after being arrested for gross misdemeanor obstructing the legal process and disorderly conduct. According to the police reports, officers saw Aurich going down a flight of stairs and kicking off his shoe before trying to, key word 'trying', to put it back on. He then was observed staggering and swaying before tripping over some stairs and flinging himself into a wall. Cops than approached him and told him he had had too much to drink, when Aurich responded to the officers he had bloodshot eyes and spit while he talked. The cop tried to escort him out of the bar around 1 AM and another officer saw him shove the cop back, and the cop stepped in and told him he was under arrest. He resisted, and a cop put a taser in his back telling him if he doesn't put his hand behind his back he will get tased. Then Aurich told the cops, "I'm a 'baller, I'll kick your ass." Later, he calmed down and said, "You're embarrassing me." and, "Don't tase me." Of course, he became combative again saying, "Do you think you can take me to the ground? I’ll beat you up right now." They finally got his other arm handcuffed, and despite his continuous pushing and swearing at the officers, they got him outside. Getting him into the cop car was another ordeal, as it took a third officer and they practically shoved him in there, cutting his upper lip. Of course, he didn't give up when he got into the cop car finally, because he turned and kicked the cop in the midsection, and had to have his legs stuffed in the car.

Aurich was selected as a preseason defensive player of the year the last 2 years, and last year earned a spot on 3 different D2 All-American teams. Apparently the team "disciplined internally" but all that was done for kicking a cop seems to be stripping him of his captain status. Had he played now for Georgia in the days of the Bulldogs arrest heyday, he certainly would have been suspended for a long period of time, as RB Caleb King was suspended 1 game for missing his court date for a speeding ticket.

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