Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rob Ninkovich OLB New England Patriots

Rob Ninkovich (pictured here with former teammate RB Pierre Thomas) was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in 2006 in the 5th round, but injuries got him released and he spent time with the Miami Dolphins on the practice squad and another stint with the New Orleans Saints. Then in 2009 he joined the New England Patriots. The Purdue alum was also posted on Shot of Ginn while on his second tour with the New Orleans Saints (July 2009), and at that time he hadn't done much with his career. Until last night. In primetime on MNF against the Miami Dolphins he had the game of his life, getting two interceptions of quarterback Chad Henne, as well as a sack. Those were the first 2 interceptions of his career, and that was only the second sack of his career, both coming with the Patriots. Ninkovich has worked his was through 2 tours with the Saints, and one with the Dolphins with little to no recognition, now in 2009 he has 3 starts in 4 games and is making a mark on defense.

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