Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pat McAfee P Indianapolis Colts

Pat McAfee, seen once prior on Shot of Ginn, has gained a second post after getting arrested for a drunk swim last night. A woman called 911 about a suspicious man with his shirt off, and when the police came and talked to him he smelled strongly of alcohol, has red bloodshot eyes, his speech was slurred, and was soaking wet. Police had asked him if he had been swimming in the Broad Ripple Canal, which he responded, "I don't know." They then asked him why he was wet and he responded, "It was raining." Too bad it hadn't rained since the day before. Next, they asked him where his shirt was, he said "It is in the water." They then asked him how much alcohol he had dranks and he replied, "A lot cause I am drunk." McAfee told police he was waiting for a ride home but instead decided on taking a cab. He asked police if he could walk home saying, "I know I am drunk but does that mean I cannot walk home?" He then was arrested for public intoxication after having a BAC of .15 and taken downtown.

As ProFootballTalk states, its only 39 degrees in Indianapolis right now.

This is the 2nd public intoxication charge for the Colts in 3 months, the first one was when DT John Gill was found "soiled a disheveled" in a ditch.

Update: Adam Schefter reports that the Indianapolis Colts have suspended Pat McAfee 1 game for conduct detrimental to the team.

Awesome Twitter Update: Well Pat McAfee took to twitter to announce to the world that he was going to go out drinking on a Tuesday, however, what he forgot to mention was the fact that he was going to get plastered, take a swim, try to get into a womans car topless, lie to cops, get arrested, and get suspended by the Colts. Obviously that doesn't fit in 140 characters.


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