Monday, October 25, 2010

Kyle Orton QB Denver Broncos

After the 59-14 blowout by the Oakland Raiders, the Denver Bronco's fans and media have gone bat-shit insane, while head coach Josh McDaniels apologizes. What does Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post suggest the Bronco's do to turn there season around, or more importantly, Josh McDaniels do to save his job? Why not bench the only man that's producing on the roster? Yup, Kiszla thinks the only salvation for McDaniels is to turn to rookie Tim Tebow.

He writes, "Kyle Orton is done as the Broncos' quarterback. He just doesn't know it yet. So what's the hang-up getting the Tim Tebow era started?" How bout the fact he's second in yards behind only Philip Rivers? How about the fact he's currently #6 in the NFL in passing touchdowns (11), while only throwing 4 interceptions (less than Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, Matt Ryan, Philip Rivers and Donovan McNabb)? Sure, the Bronco's are 2-5 at this point, but is that Kyle Orton's fault? Does benching him for a rookie that is trying to fix his Byron Leftwhich-esque throwing motion give them the momentum that they need to make the playoffs?

Fuck and No. You don't see the Chargers calling for Philip River's head after there abysmal start, but then again Billy Volek is no Tim Tebow, but do we even know that? The fact of the matter is, Orton goes out there and does what Josh McDaniels tells him to do, and he has done that very well to start the season.

The defense watched the Raiders score 8 times. EIGHT. 7 touchdowns and a field goal. Kiszla however, would like to blame the pick 6 by CB Chris Johnson as the reason the season is over. Not the 5 rushing touchdowns given up. The defense has given up the 3rd most points in the NFL/game (28.4). NFL teams average 4.8 a carry against them (4th worst), for over 150 yards a game (3rd worst) and 12 touchdowns (worst in the NFL). They're one of only 2 teams to give up over 1,000 yards rushing, the other the 0-6 Buffalo Bills. The Bronco's along with that have given up 11 touchdowns while only having 5 interceptions.

Enough about the shittiness of their defense, now lets look around him on offense. The Denver Bronco's have the worst YPC average in the NFL at 2.9, next worse? 3.5 over a half yard more per carry. That being said, of course the average the worst rushing yards per game at 68.4. Yet, surprisingly, they're still in the top 10 of total yards per game, wonder why? Could it be that Kyle Orton accounts for 81% of the teams total yardage? They've also only scored 4 rushing touchdowns, 3 in the first 2 weeks, and one by Tim Tebow.

So when a team can't run, apparently can't run block, can't stop the run worth a shit, and gives up plays in the passing game doesn't win, who's head do you call for? Oh, Kyle Orton. When the Quarterback accounts for 11 out of your 15 touchdowns on the season, who's head do you call for? Apparently the QB. Maybe this would be a blessing for Orton, he'd give Tim Tebow a chance to suck like everyone knows he is going to, plus that would free up his Saturday nights immensely to do what he does best -- party.

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