Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kenny Britt WR Tennessee Titans

AP Photo/Wade Payne
Kenny Britt, a former first round pick from Rutgers who has battled weight problems as well as some off the field issues, is possibly going to be charged in connection with a club fight. At 1:45 AM 26 year old Harold Pointer was drinking at the bar when a man, 29 year old Bradford Miser came up and the 2 began fighting and Pointer went to the ground. Then, allegedly, as Pointer was on the ground Britt came in and started throwing punches as well. Pointer was interviewed and he said, "Kenny sent the other guy over to hit me, and once he hit me Kenny came over. Someone told me he was hitting me with bottles, I don't know because I was defending myself. But I know Kenny was hitting me upside my head." he also stated that RB Chris Johnson was present at the club but was a "model citizen" trying to break up the fight. By the time that police had arrived at the club, Kenny Britt had already left so he hadn't spoken with the police.

A suspension may or may not be coming for Kenny Britt, it's soley depending on whether he led with his helmet in the assault.

Investigation Update: The lawyer for Harold Pointer says that his client received 4 stitches in his face from Britt following the beat down, and says his client spoke to police over the weekend and believes there is enough evidence to get a warrant out for Britt's arrest.

Final Update: Kenny Britt will not be charged in his club brawl. One other person was charged with assault, but insufficient evidence ends the case against Britt. 

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