Thursday, October 7, 2010

Josh Gordon WR, Willie Jefferson TE Baylor

Josh Gordon and Willie Jefferson, a pair of pass catchers and weed smokers, were busted shortly after their blowout of the Kansas Jayhawks with marijuana and were charged with possession of marijuana. Jefferson and Gordon smoked a bunch of weed and got the munchies, naturally. Go to the freezer get some ice cream probably sounded good, maybe the cabinets have some pringles, but they must have been empty or they wanted to continue the fiesta so they went to Taco Bell. In the drive through, however, Jefferson took a siesta in the drivers seat at 2:15 AM when the police arrived. Police found a baggie of marijuana in the center counsel, and searching the car they found more baggies of weed under the driver side floorboard. Jefferson, who switched from WR to TE this offseason, was busted with marijuana in the past back in February of 2009 as seen on Shot of Ginn.

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