Monday, October 4, 2010

Jerry Jones Owner Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones, the eccentric billionaire owner of the Dallas Cowboys, has more on his plate now other than is 1-2 start for his preseason Super Bowl contenders. A woman, who he has a restraining order against, claims that she was sexually assaulted by him -- and later drugged by him and his associates -- the night that he was drunk and insulted Bill Parcells and Tim Tebow. The story just makes the girl, Patricia Gavin, look bat-shit crazy.

The charges of the sexual assault lawsuit is under threats and hoaxes, sexual assault, theft, false imprisonment, violation of privacy, obstruction of justice, and stalking.

And then the plantiff, Gavin, requests $500,000,000.00 plus attorney fees.

She claims that as she was leaving the bathroom at Ocean Prime restaurant in Dallas, Texas Jerry Jones obstructed her exit and then shoved her back into the bathroom telling her, "You aren't going anywhere. I planned this when you walked in." She tried to leave again and of course, not crazy-woman like, said to Jerry Jones, "Good luck with the Super Bowl. That is a really big job. I was just leaving. Excuse me." Then, allegedly, Jerry Jones grabbed her by the shoulders and shoved her against the ladies room wall and sexually assaulted her, and he had an erection as he held her against the wall. She told him that she had a ride and people waiting for her to leave AFTER she broke free from him, so apparently she stayed to chat a second after breaking free.

She claims that earlier Jerry made a pass at her while she was introducing an artist who painted to the owners of the restaurant because she wanted to market a painting that he had made for them. She claims that while at the restaurant she didn't even so much as make eye contact with Jerry Jones. Then her purse went up missing which had important documents, and of course, a $2,000,000.00 check in it. She claims that she believes that Jones stole it, despite his millions of dollars, because he had planned on giving her a ride back home. She left with Jerry Jones and expected to get dropped off at her residence on the way to Jones' residence, but they drove right past hers and pulled into Jones' and the gates closed. She got out of the vehicle, but Jones patted the seat and told her to sit down. She claimed that she needed to go grab her purse and phone. Then shit gets weird again.

Jones allegedly told Gavin, "My son Steven was in the restaurant tonight, and there were prostitutes in the restaurant." Then Jones gave Gavin $200.00 that she expected to be for her handbag, but then he allegedly undid her pants and put his hands inside of her. She asked Jones to help her take off her boots, apparently as an attempt to get him off of her, and when Jones was at leg level she allegedly said, "This is not happening and you better let me go NOW." Jones than called his driver, apparently known just as Al, and he took her home. The next day the purse was returned by Ocean Prime, who she thanked on facebook on their fan page.

Later, she had to get pregnancy and STD tests because Jones claimed that he and his sons had been with prostitutes earlier in the evening of the alleged sexual assault. Those tests came back negative, and then she learned that Jerry Jones had interest in some of her other litigations, which could possibly be why he stole her purse with all the documents in it. Jones allegedly sent a man, who claimed that he would house her and marry her, so that she could be "tied down".

Then shit got even weirder, if that's believable. She was meeting with Wayne Kirk, who represented Jerry Jones, and they went back to a residence where Kirk made drinks and offered her one. Then she realized that she had been drugged with GHB (which is commonly called the Date-Rape drug). Kirk than apparently told Gavin, "You better not fuck with Jerry Jones." She then explained that it was too late with the subpeonas and everything, and Kirk and the other person there, Denise Bishop, apparently got frightened and Kirk said, "We should have given her Valium instead." She then left when they went upstairs, and she locked herself in a building holding her personal property as she was losing consciousness, and she passed out and later woke up at 10:30 PM. She then told the FBI who suggested protective services. Charges have been filed, and this case is batshit crazy. For every tiny incriminating detail read the PDF file of the Gavin vs. Jones case here.

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