Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Greg Townsend DE Los Angeles Raiders

Greg Townsend was a star defensive end for the Oakland Raiders in the 1980's and 1990's, he was drafted in the 4th round out of TCU and is currently #16 on the NFL's all-time career sack leaders with 109.5 sacks. He was also one of the focal points of ex-NFL agent Josh Luchs' tell all on SI about how agents business is run, and how he handled recruiting players -- illegal or not illegal. Townsend was one of the first players that Luchs ever became a friend of -- while being a ball boy for the Raiders -- and here's the story on Townsend, and how he tried to help him pass a drug test:
One of the players I was most excited to meet that first year was Greg Townsend, the star defensive end. When Greg pulled up in his Mercedes for the first day of camp, I ran over to him like some goofball fan, wearing my Raiders-issue, silver-and-black knee socks and shorts, and said, "Hey, Greg, how are you doing?" I offered to help carry his bags, and as we were walking, he asked me where I was from. I knew that Greg grew up in the inner city, in Compton, and I worried that if he heard I was from Beverly Hills he would judge me harshly. I told him I didn't want to say, but he kept asking. "I am from Beverly Hills, but not from the really, really rich part," I finally admitted. "I'm from the rougher part."
Greg laughed his butt off. From that day forward I was his guy, like his little mascot. For Greg and the other players, I would do anything. I sneaked beer up to their rooms; I sneaked girls into their hotel. Once Greg called me at 1 a.m. and asked me to come to his room immediately. I hurried up there, and he answered the door wearing silk pajama bottoms and a smoking jacket and holding a cigarette in one hand and a glass of Grand Marnier in the other. After a long discussion about whether I did drugs (I did not), Greg took out this plastic container, put it on a table and said, "I need some piss I can trust, Josh. Is your piss trustworthy?" He told me he was going to be drug-tested the next day, and if he tested positive, he would be suspended. In my mind, helping him was the right thing to do; Greg was an important player. By giving him my urine, I was doing my part for the team.
Days later, I heard that Greg had been suspended. I couldn't believe it. Had my urine tested positive? Greg had been sent home from camp so I rushed to his house, and again he answered the door wearing that smoking jacket and holding a glass of Grand Marnier. I started babbling about how my urine couldn't have tested positive and he just laughed. He said that the testers made him pee in front of them, that my urine hadn't been used. He appreciated what I had done and that I had come to see him, and then mentioned that he had some girls inside. "Come on in," he said.

The 2 time Pro Bowler and 4 time All Pro confirmed the details of the relationship between him and agent Josh Luchs, for the other stories including partying in Vegas with then Washington State QB Ryan Leaf -- to all the NCAA violations he committed or were committed by other agents to NFL players past (Tony Banks) and present (Santonio Holmes), as well as details into the current allegations against Greg Witchard and the North Carolina football team read the SI article by SI senior writer George Dohrmann.

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