Sunday, October 24, 2010

DeAngelo Hall CB Washington Redskins

DeAngelo Hall has been a star in the NFL, having 26 interceptions by the end of 2009 and a 2 time Pro Bowl player after being taken #8 overall by the Atlanta Falcons in 2004. Hall was traded to the Oakland Raiders and was supposed to create an unstoppable duo with Nnamdi Asomugha at cornerback. After the trade -- Hall got a 7 year $70 million dollar contract.

Hall then only made it 8 games into that 7 year contract. The Raiders decided to cut him just half way through the season, which was not taken well by many players in the organization. The Raiders justified it by saying he couldn't adapt to the man-to-man scheme and was regularly beaten, all in all he made $8 million dollars through 8 games ($7 million in bonuses, $1 million in base salary).

Hall is currently on a 6 year contract with the Redskins valued at up to $55 million dollars with $23 million of it guaranteed. Today, he proved his worth though. While just having 1 interception on the season, Hall decided today to tie an NFL record with 4 interceptions (of Jay Cutler) in a game. To make it more memorable, he made all 4 of the interceptions in the final half of the game. Now many -- MANY -- defensive backs have intercepted Jay Cutler before, it's a weekly thing, picking off any quarterback 4 times in one game is amazing.

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