Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chris Rucker CB Michigan State

Chris Rucker (left), the starting CB for the Michigan State Spartans, was suspended earlier this week but it was not known why they would just suspend their starter out of the blue, except for the usual "violation of unspecified team rules". It just now came out why he has been suspended, and that's because he was arrested on a drunken driving charge. Rucker was stopped at 2:19 AM on Sunday in his 2002 Oldsmobile, he had a blood alcohol level of .10, above the .08 limit, and was also given a warning for "leaving the scene of a property damage accident". On the police report "damage to property" and "traffic crash" were checked off.

Rucker was suspended in from last years Alamo Bowl, as well as 10 other players, for there part in an altercation in a dorm last year. He was facing assault charges from that incident, and was just reinstated this last spring.

Jail Time? Update: Following the brawl in the dormitory last year,  Rucker plead guilty to assault and battery and was sentenced to probation. Probation which he was under when he got arrested for DUI last season. His probation officer has recommended that Rucker be sentenced to 21 days in jail for violating the terms of his probation. He allegedly violated 2 terms of his probation, including "purchasing, possessing, or consuming alcohol or illegal drugs."

Jail time. Update: Rucker had a jail sentence of 10 days reduced to just 8 days for his violation of probation during his DUI arrest. His operating while intoxicated charge was dropped to a misdemeanor recklass driving charge, and he is due for release this coming Thursday.

Free at Last Update: Rucker has been released from jail after serving 8 days for his violation of probation.On the same day of his release, he was reinstated to the team.  Rucker had missed 2 games while being incarcerated.

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